Zirconia Dental Implants

If you’re considering dental implants to replace missing teeth, you now have a high-tech metal-free option – zirconia implants from Holistic Dental Wellness of Kansas City.






Custom-Shaped Zirconia Implants for Natural-Looking, Healthy Smiles

As Kansas City’s most experienced holistic dentist, practicing since 1982, Dr. Ferguson is thrilled to now offer state-of-the-art ceramic zirconia implants. Constructed from zirconium dioxide, these implants offer superior strength, an amazingly natural appearance, and exceptional biocompatibility for long-term oral health.

Benefits of Our Zirconia Dental Implants

  • Highly durable and fracture-resistant – zirconia is actually stronger than titanium! This means your implants can reliably withstand years of chewing and biting forces.
  • Customizable shade matches your teeth – unlike metallic implants, zirconia is white and can be matched to your natural tooth shade for beautiful, seamless-looking smile.
  • Excellent tissue compatibility – smooth zirconia surface promotes better osseointegration and reduces inflammation and discomfort compared to metal implants.

Zirconia Implant Process with Dr. Ferguson: What To Expect

Dr. Ferguson will thoroughly evaluate your oral cavity, health history, and aesthetic goals for your smile. If chose zirconia, a specialized lab will fabricate your custom-designed zirconia implant, color-matched to surrounding teeth. The implant procedure itself is similar to traditional methods, with some extra steps to ensure proper placement and support. We’ll provide complete care instructions for optimal healing and success!

Call our Kansas City office today at (816) 772-5637 to learn more about zirconia or to schedule your consultation with Dr. Jack Ferguson. Discover why more people are choosing zirconia for natural, long-lasting dental implants.