Ozone Dentistry

Seeking better oral health but want to take a more holistic approach? Ozone therapy may be the solution you’re looking for.


Potent antimicrobial


Faster healing


Holistic and non-toxic


Relief from pain and inflammation

The Power of Ozone for Oral Health & Healing

Here at Holistic Dental Wellness of Kansas City, Dr. Jack Ferguson leverages the latest advances in ozone dental treatment to disinfect, heal, and protect your smile. With over 30 years of trusted holistic dentistry under his belt, Dr. Ferguson knows the immense value of non-toxic, minimally invasive therapies like ozone.

How Ozone Improves Oral Health

Ozone (O3) is composed of three oxygen atoms in an energized, unstable form that readily destroys bacteria, fungi, and viruses upon contact. Our advanced ozone generator allows us to harness this natural disinfecting capacity and channel cleansing ozone throughout the teeth, gums and mouth.

Potent Antimicrobial Action

Ozone penetrates dental crevices to sanitize and treat decay where brushing just can’t reach. It’s proven highly effective at eliminating Strep, Staph, Candida and oral pathogens linked to infection, gum inflammation and cavity progression.

Accelerated Healing

In addition to its disinfectant superpowers, ozone also stimulates circulation and oxygen utilization in oral tissues. This facilitates swift recovery and regeneration after invasive dental work like fillings, implants or periodontal surgery.

Pain and Inflammation Reduction

Patients report much less pain in the days following ozone augmented procedures. The increased oxygenation of tissues also decreases inflammatory triggers, curtailing discomfort.

Give your smile an ozonated advantage! Call (816) 772-5637 today to ask Dr. Ferguson how ozone therapy can boost your oral wellness.