Dental Fillings

At Holistic Dental Wellness of Kansas City, we are committed to providing dental care that supports whole-body health. Our approach to filling cavities is rooted in the principles of holistic dentistry, emphasizing the use of non-toxic, biocompatible materials and the avoidance of potentially harmful substances.

Non-Toxic & Biocompatible Materials


Avoidance of Mercury-Based Fillings


Focus on Preservation of Tooth Structure

Biological Dental Fillings at Holistic Dental Wellness of Kansas City

The Biological Difference

  • Non-Toxic and Biocompatible Materials: We prioritize the use of non-toxic and biocompatible materials for filling cavities, such as porcelain or composite fillings, to avoid potentially harmful substances like mercury, silver, and other metals
  • Avoidance of Mercury-Based Fillings: Our practice dismisses the use of mercury-based fillings due to the well-documented toxic effects of mercury, opting for safer alternatives to protect patients from potential health risks
  • Comprehensive Health Assessment: We conduct comprehensive health assessments to evaluate the impact of filling materials on the overall health of the patient, considering individual chemical sensitivities and the potential reaction of the patient’s body to different dental materials
  • Focus on Preservation of Tooth Structure: We aim to preserve the natural tooth structure as much as possible, minimizing the need for invasive procedures like root canals and the removal of wisdom teeth
  • Safe Mercury Filling Removal: We offer safe mercury filling removal for patients who require the replacement of old fillings, ensuring the procedure is conducted with the patient’s overall health and well-being in mind

Join Us in Embracing Biological Dental Fillings

Experience the difference of biological dental fillings at Holistic Dental Wellness of Kansas City. Our commitment to whole-body health and comprehensive dentistry ensures that you will receive the highest standard of care in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Contact us today to schedule your biological dental filling appointment and take the first step towards optimal oral and overall health.

By incorporating these elements, the landing page effectively communicates the unique approach to biological dental fillings at Holistic Dental Wellness of Kansas City, aligning with the principles of holistic dentistry and prioritizing patient safety, overall health, and well-being.