Meet Jack Ferguson, DDS

Dr. Jack Ferguson, widely regarded as the most experienced holistic dentist in Kansas City, has dedicated his career to providing exceptional, health-focused dental care to his patients. With a unique journey that has shaped his approach to dentistry, Dr. Ferguson’s story is one of personal struggle, triumph, and an unwavering commitment to helping others achieve optimal oral and overall health.

Dr. Ferguson graduated from UMKC Dental School. It was during this time he found out his “silver fillings” he had in his mouth were actually 55% mercury, the rest was silver, copper, tin and zinc. He knew mercury was being fazed out of other consumers’ products and was surprised it was still being used in dentistry. He decided to have his 8 mercury fillings replaced with gold fillings. The dental school does a lot of things well, but they don’t take all of the precautions I do when removing the mercury fillings. I know I inhaled and swallowed pieces of the mercury fillings as they were being removed. I had also played with mercury as a child. My contact lens solution had mercury preservative in it. Most of my childhood vaccines had mercury in them as well.

Within a few weeks I developed a sore throat and had fever and malaise. I went to the doctor and he prescribed antibiotics. It wasn’t better within a week so I called and got another refill. and then a week later a different antibiotic. Sore throat was gone but I developed irritable bowel syndrome from too much antibiotics. Same doctor prescribed me phenobarbital which made me feel spaced out. I read up about a rotary diet where I didn’t eat the same foods for 4 days. It was hard but that helped. I finished dental school and started to practice dentistry. At that time insurance didn’t pay for gold or composite fillings.I hadn’t heard of holistic dentistry soI began removing and replacing mercury fillings. I was breathing a cloud of it. I developed depression,fatigue and rashes.The doctors prescribed medication for the symptoms but I just got worse. After 2 years and not feeling better, I heard of the Environmental Health Center of Dallas. I Went there and had a one hour consultation with Dr. Rae. He did a battery of tests on me and said he would call me with the results in a week. When he called he said I had one of the highest mercury readings he had ever seen. He found a doctor in Kansa City to begin chelation to remove my mercury burden.

It took six months to get my mercury level down, but it was worth it. I felt better than I had in years. I knew I couldn’t go back to the dentistry I was practicing. So I had heard of Dr Hal Huggins who had started a mercury-safe dental practice in Colorado and was training dentists with his techniques. I learned about how to safely remove mercury fillings , the dangers of root canals and fluoride. About cavitations and acupressure meridians in the jaw and safe dental materials. I joined the IAOMT ( International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) which gives us more training in holistic dentistry. I have since added ozone use to our practice and a cone beam x-ray unit to diagnose failing root canals and dental cavitations. We also do saliva testing for bad bacteria in the mouth and nutritional counseling as well. So please come join us on your health journey.