Dental Exams

At Holistic Dental Wellness of Kansas City, we believe in providing comprehensive and patient-centered dental care, including advanced holistic and biological dental services. Our approach to dental exams goes beyond routine assessments, offering a more personalized and in-depth evaluation that considers the patient’s overall health as it relates to their dental well-being.

Comprehensive health assessment


Personalized treatment plans


Use of biocompatible materials


Consideration of whole-body health

What to Expect During a Holistic Dental Exam

Comprehensive Health Assessment

Our holistic dental exams begin with a comprehensive health assessment, which includes a review of the patient’s diet, emotions, well-being, exercise patterns, and other factors that may impact oral and overall health.

Root Cause Analysis

Unlike routine exams that may focus solely on symptoms, a holistic dental exam aims to find the root cause of any issues, considering the interconnectedness of oral and overall health.

Personalized Experience

Our dental exams are a personalized experience that treats patients as unique individuals, providing a comfortable and informative environment that supports their overall well-being.

Natural Therapies and Non-Toxic Materials

Patients may receive recommendations for natural therapies and non-toxic dental materials that support their overall health, reflecting our belief in a proactive approach to dental health.

The Biological Difference

Experience the biological difference. Schedule your dental exam with us today and take the first step towards a comprehensive and personalized assessment that considers your unique makeup and aims to deliver non-toxic biological dental services without burdening or damaging the body.